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Both Ways Cafe was opened in 1990 by Dick Wall. He created a simple, yet welcoming atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. At the beginning of 2023 Dick retired and sold Both Ways Cafe (BWC) to Samantha (Sam) Gordon, a long-time employee. Sam started working at BWC in January of 2012 and just a year later became the manager. Over the next 10 years she worked in all areas of the café, from serving the local & loyal customers to learning to cook and bake pastries. When Dick announced that he was ready to retire, Sam couldn’t imagine her favorite place in the world being sold to anyone else but her. She knew that no one loved this place like she did. This was her home, her family and most of all her happy place. When Sam talked to Dick about buying it, he was just as happy to see he life’s work continuing on with Sam, as she was.



Picture of Dick Wall - Previous Owner

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